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Velike pakosti malih ljudi

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Obično kažu da se pametni i ispunjeni ljudi ne osvrću na loše stvari, i to je verovatno tačno. Postoji i razlog za to – previše je dobrih stvari na putu ispred svakoga od nas da bismo se zamajavali onime što ne možemo promeniti.

Ipak, nakon više od godinu dana ćutnje odlučio sam da stavim tačku na jednu vrlo bolnu priču u mom životu koja zaista može da posluži kao nauk drugim ljudima, naročito studentima Fakulteta dramskih umetnosti, koji sam i ja svojevremeno studirao.

Nikada u životu nisam imao toliko problema samo zbog toga što sam iznosio svoje mišljenje, ili još apsurdnije – govorio istinu, nego tokom godina dok sam studirao na katedri za Filmsku i televizijsku produkciju na FDU.

Pre par godina sam objavio “sporni” blog o održavanju “za nabosti” događaja u filmskom studiju na fakultetu, u kom je takođe bilo pomena o rang listi ljudi koji su bili na…

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“Runs In The Family”My friend has problems with winter and autumnThey give him prescriptions, They shine bright lights on himThey say it’s genetic, They say he can’t help itThey say you can catch itBut sometimes you’re born with itMy friend has blight he gets shakes in the nightAnd they say there is no way That they could have caught it inTime takes its toll on him, it is traditionalIt is inherited predispositionAll day I’ve been wonderingWhat is inside of me,Who can I blame for it?I sayIt runs in the family, this famine that carries meTo such great lengths To open my legsUp to anyone who’ll have meIt runs in the family, I come by it honestlyDo what you want ‘Cause who knowsIt might fill me up [echoes]Fill me up [echoes]My friend’s depressed,She’s a wreck, she’s a messThey’ve done all sorts of tests and They guess it has something to do With her grandmother’s grandfather’s grandmother Civil war soldiers whoBadly infected herMy friend has maladies, rickets, and allergies That she dates back to the 17th centurySomehow she manages, in her misery – Strips in the cityAnd shares all her best tricks withMe?Well, I’m well. Well, I mean I’m in hell.Well, I still have my healthAt least that’s what they tell meIf wellness is this, what in hell’s name is sickness?But business is business!And businessRuns in the family, we tend to bruise easilyBad in the blood, I’m telling you ’causeI just want you to know meKnow me and my familyWe’re wonderful folks butDon’t get too close to me ‘Cause you might knock me up [echoes]Knock me up [echoes]Mary have mercy.Now look what I’ve doneBut don’t blame me becauseI can’t help where I come fromAnd running is something that we’ve always doneWell and mostly I can’t even tell what I’m running fromRun from their pityFrom responsibilityRun from the countryAnd run from the cityI can run from the lawI can run from myselfI can run for my lifeI can run into debtI can run from it allI can run till I’m goneI can run for the officeAnd run from the ’causeI can run using every Last ounce of energyI cannotI cannotI cannotRun from my familyThey’re hiding inside meCorpses on iceCome in if you’d likeBut just don’t tell my familyThey’d never forgive meThey say that I’m crazyBut they would say anything If it would shut me upShut me upShut me up [echoes]Shut me up [echoes]

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All 30 Girls In Swedish Classroom Found To Be Victims Of Female Genital Mutilation

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Hector Conesa / ( Hector Conesa / (

School health officials in eastern Sweden have uncovered a case of one classroom where all 30 girls were victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). All but two of those 30 were victims of “infibulation,” wherein the clitoris and labia are completely hacked off and the genitals are sewn tightly together to leave only a small vaginal entrance. The classroom was in a town called Norrköping, where officials have reportedly logged 60 cases of FGM since March of this year.

Possible side effects from the procedure include fatal hemorrhaging, infertility, HIV infection, anorgasmia, menstrual and urinary pain, cysts, a higher infant mortality rate, pain during intercourse, vulval scarring, ruptured vagina, uterine blood clots, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Although Sweden outlawed FGM in 1982, it doesn’t appear these girls are indigenous Swedes, anyway. Both Sweden’s The Local and England’s The Independent very carefully tiptoe around the…

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